Export Compliance Services

Excelerate offers a wide spectrum of export compliance support services which is unmatched in the industry. Our extensive export experience and depth of technical engineering experience provide the depth of knowledge required to understand your export, determine if it is controlled, obtain export approval, and ensure confidence that you remain export compliant.


Export Compliance Program

An export compliance program is mandatory when working under export regulations and Excelerate is your practical ITAR and EAR export compliance partner. Our team of professionals can quickly establish your Export Compliance Program, to include: ITAR & EAR Registration, a Technology Control Plan (TCP), Audit Plan, and Training. We welcome your export compliance questions and to determine the most efficient path to achieving your objective while abiding by export regulations. Our export compliance support is available worldwide, as needed, with many satisfied customers.

Export Approvals

Gaining approval to export controlled articles, data, or services is the basis for working under the ITAR and EAR. Approvals take the form of licenses, agreements, exemptions, or exceptions. We will work with you to ensure your exports are correctly classified under the ITAR or EAR and that proper approval is obtained to ensure compliance.  Excelerate can also act as the exporter of record freeing you of the concern related to exports. Our confidence, along with our many years of experience, ensures approvals are received quickly and effectively.


Compliance Certificate

Excelerate provides Export Compliance Program Verification so that you can convey confidence to the world that your organization abides by the ITAR and EAR export regulations. A Verification Certificate is provided based on a set of criteria that Excelerate verifies before issuing your certificate. This allows others immediate recognition that you are taking the necessary steps to meet export regulatory compliance. Verification Certificates can be provided to U.S. and non-U.S. organizations.

Compliance Starter Bundle

Excelerate established the Compliance Starter Bundle to allow a cost-effective approach to meeting the requirements of export compliance. It contains all of the elements required for your organization to establish an Export Compliance Program. Choose the full Starter Bundle if you are new to export compliance or modify the bundle to fit your needs. The more you bundle - the more you save.


Export Compliance Training

We pride ourselves in providing a practical approach to export compliance training.  This is due to our basis being in engineering where we cut through the nuances and focus on what you need to know to maintain export compliance and how that should flow from your Technology Control Plan (TCP). Our training is provided in video, by web, or in-person for new hires, employees, and export compliance administrators. We also have training for a non-U.S. organization to understand its role in the U.S. export compliance process.

Foreign Employee Approval

Hiring non-U.S. employees isn't an issue until they have access to export controlled articles, technical data, or services. At that point, you will need to obtain export approval for the employee to access such items. Excelerate has a proven track record of success and a standardized approach to gaining non-U.S. employee approvals. We will work with you to obtain the necessary information, prepare the license application, and gain approval so that there is no loss in productivity.

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Voluntary Disclosures

Every organization makes mistakes but it is what is done when the mistake is identified that makes all the difference in association with export compliance. Voluntarily admitting and disclosing a mistake to export control authorities is the best way to avoid penalties. Excelerate will assist in the assessment of the situation and preparation of the Voluntary Disclosure documents.