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Effective ITAR and EAR Export Compliance

ITAR/EAR Export Compliance

High technology export compliance is what we do.  Experienced and proven success across all industries.

Why Excelerate

We are unique in being engineering based. Our understanding of technology directly equates to effective export approvals and compliance support.


Our years of experience can assist with recommendations on strategy and business operations or we can act directly as your international business coordinator.


Our Learning Mangement System (LMS) provides easy access to the training you need to remain export compliant.  

Excelerate - ITAR & EAR Export Compliance

Excelerate's focus is on supporting companies and organizations conducting international business in achieving effective and efficient ITAR and EAR export compliance.  Our extensive experience ensures your success in maintaining compliance in a complex export environment.  We support customers throughout the world across a broad spectrum of export compliance requirements and international business endeavors.  Our technical depth of knowledge is unique in the export compliance industry ensuring your success.

We are also an engineering company providing cost-effective solutions to complex requirements worldwide.  Our proven years of success in providing export compliance coupled with the technical talent in being an engineering company make us unique in the industry with many satisfied customers.  We can work with you as your International Business Coordinator for domestic opportunities or provide solutions worldwide.

  • ITAR and EAR Export Compliance Support

  • Engineering Solutions

  • International Business Support

  • License and Agreement Approvals


Worldwide Export Compliance Support

Excelerate’s focus on the international defense and aerospace community establishes our expertise in providing support for all aspects of ITAR and EAR compliance. Our team of international business coordinators provides compliance, agreement, licensing, training, and consulting support to companies worldwide in conducting ITAR and EAR related business. Export controlled does not mean export prevented, and it takes the experience, and an understanding of technology, to work with companies to achieve export approval.

No two of our U.S. domestic or international customers are the same with some needing occasional support and others having us act as their compliance department.  Our flexibility in adapting to your needs is what makes us unique in this industry. We make a difference, every time, so feel free to reach out to us by email or text so that we can provide the export compliance solution that best fits your organization - no matter where you live.