International Business

ITAR Consulting Services

Excelerate makes the controlled export international business accessible to everyone.  Often the perceived business barrier to entering the global market associated with defense and aerospace systems is the ITAR and the ramifications of making a mistake - which we call "ITAR Paranoia."  Our job is to remove the concerns and allow an export-controlled business to flow out of and into the U.S. in full compliance with export regulations. This is what we do.

Excelerate was founded by a missile engineer with a focus to revolutionize the way international defense and aerospace business was executed. Our desire to create a conduit where international business can effectively take place in compliance with U.S. ITAR and EAR export regulations. We are the one-stop-shop for defense and aerospace business in and out of the U.S. with numerous options to enable success.

Excelerate's established reputation for cost-effective and timely support extends to our many customers worldwide. We provide engineering and supply export-controlled products and solutions to customers in numerous countries - 33 at last count. Our detail-oriented engineering and an understanding of complex technology is the basis for how we operate and what makes us unique in the industry. We are the technology-independent meaning we provide the best most cost-effective solutions available.

Our focus is on assisting companies and organizations, both in and outside the U.S., on the regulations, business practices, and customs associated with identifying, capturing, managing, and executing international business. You will find no one that has our level of technological understanding with expert export compliance support and direct international business experience to ensure your success. We look forward to working with you...

Excelerate's International Business Support

International Business Coordinator (IBC)

Your Excelerate International Business Coordinator (IBC) acts as a conduit for export controlled products moving in and out of the U.S. The IBC facilitates international business by acting as the exporter-of-record. We satisfy the entire controlled export/import responsibilities including business, financing, licensing, shipping, and import/export processing.

Organizations worldwide use our IBC approach to business since Excelerate satisfies all of the requirements for conducting controlled export international business.

Partnering Program

Excelerate is always excited to support business opportunity, worldwide. Our engineers and staff look for partners to identify a technical opportunity where we can provide a solution. Often this means taking a role as a team member to provide a solution or partnering with industry to create opportunity worldwide. Our network of knowledgeable trade agents can also assist in entering a market previously closed to outsiders.

Establish U.S. Presence

Excelerate can support the establishment of a U.S. presence for non-U.S. companies.  We can work as your partner in facilitating business in the U.S. or we can do what is required to establish your new office anywhere you desire. Most of our customers begin by addressing opportunities using Excelerate and, when it makes good business sense, use Excelerate to establish a U.S. presence that is compliant with U.S. regulatory requirements.

Business Support

Excelerate conducts international defense and aerospace business all day, every day, in association with U.S. ITAR and EAR regulations. We work as prime contractors on large programs or small contributors providing a component or solution. Our knowledge of different customs, proposal development, pricing, business processes, payment approaches, contracts, funding, and the mechanisms associated with doing business outside and inside the U.S. reduce stress and frustration. Often it is our experience that bridges the cultural differences in allowing a business to flourish. Let us know how we can help...