Does Exporting Require a Lawyer?

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To prepare and submit a license or agreement application to DTC – NO. For representation, if you have violated the ITAR or EAR and the U.S. Government is knocking at your door – YES. A lawyer can read and understand the ITAR just as you or I but there is no need for a lawyer to submit, process, execute or work under an ITAR or EAR license or agreement. There is also no need for a lawyer as it pertains to a voluntary disclosure for a potential violation of the ITAR or EAR. A lawyer is absolutely necessary when you are contacted by the U.S. Government and charged with a violation. Experienced legal counsel is required during this situation, and we can provide names of competent lawyers that specialize in this area. For general ITAR exporting it is much more important to have an organization like Excelerate who understands the technology as well as the requirements of the ITAR and EAR.