Helpful Downloads

The information provided below is helpful in answering questions, providing license and agreement insight and learning more about how Excelerate can help with your ITAR needs. Check back often because more will be added to this page that can support the communities ITAR needs. If you have any suggestions just drop us an email at to let us know how we can improve on the information provided.

ITAR Document Preparation

Document NameFormatSizeLink
DSP-5 - Permanent ExportPDF306 kbDownload
DSP-61 - Temporary ImportPDF249 kbDownload
TAA PreparationPDF321 kbDownload
DDTC Registration SupportPDF233 kbDownload
CJR PreparationPDF221 kbDownload
End Use StatementPDF190 kbDownload

ITARHelp Information

Document NameFormatSizeLink
ITARHelp FAQsPDF289 kbDownload
ITAR Training InformationPDF210 kbDownload
ITAR Services & Product InformationPDF430 kbDownload

Excelerate Related Downloads

Document NameFormatSizeLink
Excelerate Brief Corporate OverviewPDF1.5 MBDownload
Excelerate Information One SheeterPDF597 kbDownload
Excelerate Standard NDA FormatPDF210 kbDownload
Worldwide Engineering InformationPDF487 kbDownload

Recent Presentation Downloads

Document NameFormatSizeLink
NAITA Roundtable - ITAR Brief - March 21, 2013PDF722 kbDownload
NAITA-VCSI Quad - ITAR Brief - May 16, 2013PDF1.7 MBDownload