Export Compliance Training

Excelerate extends our practical approach to Export Compliance Training with focused compliance elements you need.  This proves much more efficient for our customers.  We are always available to provide a response for unique situational questions since the application of export compliance is different for each organization depending on their business and where they are located on the globe.

We offer Export Compliance Training in person, over the web, or by video - your choice.  Whatever you choose, we ensure that you will be satisfied with the level and depth of information.  Our goal is not to overwhelm but to inform and be available, as needed, to assist with the specifics associated with your organization's structure, culture, business, and activities.

Excelerate's 10 minute new hire video is free and available anytime.  Two more Export Compliance Training courses focus on the Employee and Compliance for Administration with the administration course providing additional details associated with various compliance topics to include record keeping, export options, and compliance responsibilities.

Our compliance training for Non-U.S. organizations presents the unique requirements that are faced working under U.S. export regulations.

Feel free to reach out to us by email or phone to discuss your Export Compliance Training needs.  We look forward to working with you....

New Hire Compliance Video - Free

Our Training Courses

At Excelerate, we satisfy your organizations export compliance training requirement by providing three-course options as follows:

  • New Hire Introduction:

    A 10-minute export compliance overview video that works well anytime but many use it during new hire orientation.....and it is free.

  • Employee Compliance Overview:

    Employee compliance training provides a background of the ITAR and EAR and what their responsibilities are related to export compliance and the penalties for non-compliance.

  • Administration Compliance Overview:

    This is a 2-hour overview of export compliance for management and administration personnel. It provides insight into many of the nuances associated with maintaining export compliance within an organization, such as, record keeping, roles and responsibilities, and more detail than what is provided to employees.

Export Compliance Training
  • Export Compliance for Non-U.S. Parties:

    Compliance training for non-U.S. organizations presents the unique requirements to effectively work under an export approved license, agreement, exemption, or exception. It provides an understanding of your role in the compliance process, how best to support the U.S. organization you are working with, and what can happen if you violate U.S. export compliance.